Multidisciplinary artist and teacher of artistic education.

He has a degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Évora. In Portugal, he worked as an actor with directors such as Luís Castro, Ricardo Pais, Nuno Carinhas and Jorge Fraga.

In 2010, he went to London, where he explored the multidisciplinary character of his work by collaborating with several companies and institutions, including the Rambert Dance Company, University College London, London College of Fashion, Young Vic, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Soho Theatre, Knot Theory, Hide Tide, Theatre Absolute and Battersea Arts Centre.

He has taught in multiple educational establishments in Portugal and England and has directed artistic projects with groups from different contexts, namely with adults with learning difficulties.

In the last decade he has worked as a sound artist for theatre, dance, film and installations with various directors and choreographers, including José Neves, Américo Rodrigues, Yola Pinto, Amélia Bentes, Paulo Filipe Monteiro, Silvia Pinto Ferreira, Romulus Neagu, Miguel Altunaga Verdecia, Jordan Bridge, Luca Bracia, Zjana Muraro, Darren Ellis, Susan Kempster, Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou and Robert MacNeill among others.

In 2015 and 2016, he worked as Sound Designer and consultant for the “Edinburgh International Festival”.

As a sound improviser, he played in dozens of concerts and got involved in several projects, and has discography published in Portugal, UK, Italy and Germany.

He also works as a video artist, with works presented in several international festivals. He is one of Teatro Viriato’s Associate Artists.


2006- Degree in Theatrical Studies from the University of Évora.

2010- UK Qualified Teachers Status