Nariz Entupido | Portugal
released April 13, 2020
Nuno Veiga´s debut album with the collaborations of Sandra Oliveira, Nuno Messias, Kate SmithVirgilio OliveiraRick JensenHelli WinklerLeonor Gusmao and Paragon.
NoiD-A body in noise can scream but not talk 
from Unexplained Sounds Group - 5th Annual Report by various artist
Unexplained Sounds Group | Italy
released December 23, 2019
Unexplained Sounds Group celebrates its 5th year of activity with the 5TH Annual Report compilation, completely focused on musicians who are constantly close to our network of "aural disorientation". This year we are doing something different from our previous annual reports:we will be issuing a limited edition CD which showcases a selection of 13 projects, as opposed to the digital only format of previous Annual Reports. We will include all the musicians who haven't made it on to the physical format this year in the next edition. Describing the musical content of the 52 tracks included in report is quite hard. But if you're in USG's orbit, you know that many surprises await you. Long life to Unexplained Sounds Group!

Raffaele Pezzella
Second Hurdle ft. Nuno Veiga
from noisypieceofshit by Paragon  
Ohm Resistance, | USA
released November 2, 2018
Hand Numbered Limited Edition of 66 CDs each with 3 rusted razor blades.
We disclaim all liability for any injuries you may suffer as a result of this special edition packaging.
Intimacy-Nuno Veiga + Filipe Sousa + Kate Smith
from Sound Space- the 4th annual report volume II by Various Artists  
Unexplained Sounds Group | Italy
released November 2, 2018
4th edition of the Unexplained Sounds Group annual report. 
“Lucien thought with bitter pleasure that his parents found him looking fine. “I don’t exist.” He closed his eyes and let himself drift: existence is an illusion because I know I don t exist, all I have to do is plug my ears and not think about anything and I’ll become nothingness.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre, The Wall: (Intimacy) and Other Stories
Boa Morte
from Decay, Death and Darkness - Aural visions of Beksiński's art by various artist
Eighth Tower Records | Italy
released October 5, 2018
During his long career, Zdzisław Beksiński worked in many fields of art: sculpture, photography, graphic art, drawing, and last but not least, painting. As an artist, Beksiński was fascinated with death, decay and darkness. Apocalyptic and dystopian art has been popular since about the 90’s. Few works are darker than those of Zdzisław Beksiński. His creatures are misshaped wretches that might have been human once, his landscapes are painted orange and red by some unseen fires; eerie monstrosities stride in the mists surrounding foreboding monuments. What does it all mean? Nothing – Beksinski never knew the meaning behind his works and was adamant against any sort of interpretation.

At Eighth Tower Records we know how dark music authors love Beksiński art. Thus was natural, even necessary, to think about a project around his work. This compilation presents a group of musicians whose music was inspired by, or simply is in perfect tuning, with the decay, death and darkness artistic mood of this great Polish master.
Groundwork Recordings | UK
released April 10, 2018
NoiD are the archetypal example of what happens when perfomance art meets recording artist. Having laid firm foundations in their craft and practice, GWKT03 is the highest opus of their recording career.
This EP captures their finest moments recorded in free-form improvised live sessions, an intimate expression of artistry and intent.
released July 2, 2018
 Live recording of Hands in the Dark, an immersive performance at Skronkfest 2017 in London at The New River Studios.
Ten people blindfolded and randomly seated around tables full of objects, were invited to create something with the objects, while 5 musicians improvised around the room.

Américo Rodrigues
Kate Smith
Nuno Veiga
Thomas Tronich

Conception: Nuno Veiga with the assistance of Yolande Bramble Carter
Self Released| UK
released June 25, 2017
 Live recording of a studio session
Thomas Tronich
Jordan Muscatello
Nuno Veiga