Guest mix for Sonoridades: an hour of sound art and field recordings.

Serbian born Abul Mogard is a modern enigma in ambient and electronic music, and to me is one of the top producers of our times. Moving Sounds are honoured to have a new stunning 2 hour mix by Abul. Moving Sounds is a show that connects spaces between classical, electronic, ambient, soul, jazz, drone, film soundtrack, folk, field recordings & other sounds from the past but mostly from NOW.

Jose Macabra presents: a retrospective live mix of Nuno Veiga´s work.

HIPOGLOTE [beneath the glottis]: between the voice and the word
a Radio Show by Tiago Schwäbl and Nuno Miguel Neves.
Wednesdays, 6 pm, Rádio Universidade de Coimbra (RUC)

Show dedicated to Nuno Veiga´s collaborative  work and collaborators.


ParlatórioPortugal 2019




Sound Designer for the sound poetry album by Américo Rodrigues. 

"Parlatório" started from long conversations with seven prison inmates from the Guarda prison to create a work of sound poetry invaded by "voices" that tell their stories, desires and confessions.



Voice: Américo Rodrigues

Sound Dramaturgy: José Neves

Sound Design: Nuno Veiga


Sr. Henri 
Boca,Portugal 2010





Sound design with José Neves for "O Senhor Henri", by the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares, for the radio program Wireless Theatre for Antena 2 (National Radio Broadcast), a production of the Municipal Theater of Guarda, which was later edited by the publishing house Boca inaugurating the Boca de Scene, dedicated to the radio theater.



Sr. Henri- editora Boca

Sr. Henri -