Lisboa Soa, Portugal 2020



Uníssono is an improvisation piece that proposes movement as a vehicle for creating and composing sound in parallel with the surrounding acoustic space. A creation by Nuno Veiga (sound), launching the invitation to several dancers and choreographers. Here with Yola Pinto (movement) in an experimental way, in unison with the space in its different frequencies in a joint amplification of listening to the places where it happens.

FIDANC, Portugal 2020

Live soundesign fot the show Vasto by Amélia Bentes.

Performers: Rodrigo Teixeira, Lia Vohlgemuth

Co-production: CDCE, Amélia Bentes

The Playground Rambert
UK 2018-2020


The Playground: An evening of creation, collaboration and sharing between creatives from Rambert and the wider professional dance community.Nuno Veiga collaborated with The Playground Rambert from 2018 to 2020.


As part of BBC Arts #DancePassion, collaborations with the choreographer from Rambert, Miguel Altunaga Verdecia, sound artist Nuno Veiga, performance designer and artist, Shania Selvendran and a group of amazing dancers.

O cultivo de flores de plástico
Portugal 2018







Music composer for the show O cultivo de flores de plástico,  directed by Américo Rodrigues at Teatro do Calafrio in Guarda.

Edingurgh International Festival UK 2015/16






Sound Designer and sound consultant for the online content of the Edinburgh International Festival.

Bestas Bestiais

Portugal 2007





Sound design for the show Bestas Bestiais at the Dona Maria II National Theater in Lisbon.