Nariz Entupido, Portugal 2018 


Filipe Sousa- Piano
Nuno Veiga- Electronics
Kate Smith- Voice and Mbira
Américo Rodrigues- Voice

Ó! Colectivo de Improvisação da Guarda 
Guarda, 2020
Nuno Veiga - electronics
José Tavares- guitar
Rogério Pires- guitar
Ulrich Mitzlaff- violoncelo
Cojones Spirituales
UK 2019





Cojones Spirituales is an ever evolving project started by Nuno Veiga and Rick Jensen. The idea is to use Harmonicas and effects to create huge dronescapes. All you need is a harmonica, microphone and a delay or loop pedal and you can join.

Concert with Rick Jensen, Andrew Page and Jordan Devlin.

FUCK POPOX2 and Kate Smith
Hundred Years Gallery, UK 2020

Jordan Muscatello- bass
Nuno Veiga- guitar and eletronics
Thomas Tronich- sax
Kate Smith- voice
Não chego aos seus braços
Teatro do Calafrio, Portugal 2019
Improvisation from the text "Reinar depois de morrer" by Luis Vélez de Guevara
Jose Neves- Voice and metal structure
Filipe Sousa- Synths
Nuno Veiga- Electronics
Concert for Voice, Theremin and Pan
Venha a Nós a Boa Morte, Portugal 2017
Américo Rodrigues- voice
Filipe Gomes- theremin
Nuno Veiga- Pan and eletronics
Filipe Sousa & Guests
London International Arts Festival, UK 2017
Filipe Sousa- piano
Kate Smith- voice
Nuno Veiga- voice and electronics