From my window
Portugal 2020
From My Window is a project of digital curatorship in times of quarantine, with the purpose of becoming a video installation of Covid Cinema is a pos-pandemic world.


Curated by Nuno Veiga and Daniel Moutinho 

Video: MAx Provenzano

Logo: David Francisco




Portugal 2019


Video for the  installation of the final showing of the Arts Residency Other Lands Other Sounds.

A rediscovery of the Bordeiro primary school building through the eyes of 13 visiting artists from all over the world that came together through ten days of intense collaboration. Their work reflects on the theme of "O Tempo", engaging with ideas around seasons, duration, speed, musical tempos, traces and more.


Boundless objects
Portugal 2019

Mix for the premier of the exhibition Boundless Objects at Fundação Eugénio de Almeida 

Musas Portugal 2019


From the Sound installation for the exhibition CAOSNOSMUSEUS at Museu Almeida Moreira in Viseu.

Composer-Nuno Veiga
Singer- Kate Smith
Voice over- Leonor Gusmão

Production- CAOS – Casa d’Artes e Ofícios

(Un)Commoning Voices &
(Non)Communal Bodies

UK 2019







Vocal improvisation, with Kate Smith, from 8 graphic scores  by Jack Tan for  the (Un)Commoning Voices & (Non)Communal Bodies exhibition at  Reading:International



Interpolate Performance
Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.UK 2019


Interpolate is a choreographic device that selfs generates the initiation of movement from one part of the body to another. The aim is to extract patterns of movements triggered from the sensation of touch in order to create a different improvisation technique for new contemporary dance performances.

Project by Angelina Papachatzaki for the Masters in Design for Performance and Interaction at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.


by Mark Baldwin

Mark Baldwin: Embodied Knowledge

UK 2019


Nuno Veiga made part of the panel discussion PLAY, integrated on Mark Baldwin: Embodied Knowledge exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space.

The success of The Playground as a place of collaboration and sharing of ideas between artists of different disciplines motivates this panel.
The Playground is normally hosted at Rambert’s building on Southbank. This panel gave an unique insight into the inner workings of the artist’s mind.
Sharing how process can be integral to finding common ground. Questioning how to work with difference and overcoming and embracing challenges.



Hidden In Plain Sight

UK 2015







Sound installation made for the exhibition by illustrator Lucy Dalzell, author of the book Sunrise to High-Rise (included in the top 10 city books by The Guardian in 2014). The exhibition took place at the Stour Space gallery in London.



About the exhibition

Illustrationby  Lucy Dalzell

Portugal 2014


Audio and video installation made for the Festival Jardins Efémeros  in Viseu, Portugal.

“With Zero.8” you walk the world. Streets and squares of cities from the four corners of the planet are covered by various travelers on foot. Each street, each square, each corner, strictly speaking, each trip documents in the visual and sound plan the route or ambulatory drift. The soundscapes, the rhythmic ambiences, the architectural frames, the cobblestone pavement or the weather atmosphere are reinvented. The visitor to the installation is thrown a challenge (or invitation): let yourself get in the shoes of the other, listen to the emotions of the characters or share the identities that cross this planetary drift. Be a global nomad, locally."

text by José Alberto Ferreira