3 Scherzi 4 Strata
Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, Portugal 2021
Triptic made during the Deanna Sirlin STRATA exhibition at the Fundação Eugénio de Almeida in Évora, Portugal. The lines, colors, and framing of the twenty windows of the Center for Art and Culture occupied by the installation of the Deanna Sirlin were the pretexts of this dialogue while exploring the materiality of the exhibition. Three brief scherzi, where the creators inhabit and resignify the exhibition, are made visible through video dance. 
Pas de Quoi
Paulo Filipe Monteiro, Portugal 2020
Soundesign for the experimental short screen dance movie directed by Paulo Filipe Monteiro and choreographed by Amélia Bentes.
A ferryboat. A meeting between two souls. Hurdles and shadows keep being overcome until the end. Bodies always striving to breathe along the way.
This work won the Public Award at the InShadow Screendance Festival in Lisbon, 2020 
Intruso - Associação Cultural, Portugal 2020

Video dance piece by Nuno Veiga,  manipulating in post production the sounds captured live, during an improvisation.

Performer: Romulus Neagu

Concept I Video I Sound: Nuno Veiga

This video was made for The Make It Club in Australia.

Specific Site - Specific Body
Intruso , Portugal 2020
Soundesign for Specific site - Specific body,  a performative reflection on the heritage value of the city of Viseu.
The historic center of the city of Viseu is the setting for this introspection in the past and in the experiences of the interpreters, creating a new individual cartography full of emotions, demands and secrets.
This is one of the five videos produced.
Performer: Patrick Murys 
UK 2019

Video dance piece by Nuno Veiga,  using footage from the R&D with the choreographer from Rambert, Miguel Altunaga Verdecia.

Performers: Nancy Nerantzi | Liam Francis

Composer and producer: Nuno Veiga

Voice: Kate Smith

Additional composition: Virgilio Oliveira

Camera: Miguel Altunaga Verdecia I Poetry Film Productions.

This video was selected by Video Art Miden to be screened for the program "Ophelia" in Greece.

Carnival of Resistance
UK, 2018
Video "Carnival of Resistance" by Nuno Veiga.

People marched in London on 13 July 2018 in opposition to Donald Trump’s UK visit.

Words by Noam Chomsky in the United Nations University, November 5th 2016 Barcelona.

This Video was selected by Cineclube de Viseu to be screened in VistaCurta Festival in Viseu, Portugal and in Meta-Thesis program from Festival Miden in Greece.

Boa Morte
Portugal, 2018
Video Dance piece by Nuno Veiga.
Performers:  Melina Peña/Nuno Veiga





This video was selected by Video Art Miden to be screened in Kinitiras in a special video dance & video performance and in at Videolands in MOMus - Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece.

Portugal 2013


For the Festival Escrita na Paisagem, Nuno Veiga did a new sound design for the Karlheinz Martin's movie From Morning to Midnight Night, and invited the actor José Neves to dub live, proposing a 21st century retelling of this almost forgotten expressionist 1920 film.